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 Posted: Sat Jan 28th, 2017 08:16 am
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Hi ,

I purchased a 3003-3006 lathe about 3 years ago from Wholesale tool.  Till today it worked great.  I was turning some aluminum. when the motor stopped an began to just buzz.  I disconnected all the belts and the motor will not turn. This lathe is the one with a reversing switch.  I opened up the dialectical compartment and found a wire had come off from somewhere.  I looked at the electrical diagram for the unit and without any color guide it is had to say where the wire should go. I think I found the only open point on the switch at the top of the unit ( This model has a on off switch at the top a forward and reverse switch and a push button.  It also has an emergency off push button.  I re connected the wire and the motor will just buzz.  If I give it a start by hand it will turn very slowly then stop. 

My suspicion is when the wire came loose. it may have damaged the motor

I would like to test the motor but an not sure which wire is which coming from the motor.

Any help would be appreciated.